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dreamsnestkleinA Dream’s Nest (Kindle eBook)

Have you ever wondered how young dreams grow up? And what happens to all the dreams we forget?

Read how Daniel discovers a way to keep his dream safe until he is old enough   to make it come true, and learn the true reason  why water and sand  sparkle in the sun.

A story for small children and for adults who have forgotten a dream on the   way.



See page 32 in the spring issue of „From the Dephths“ for my story „The Color of Tomorrow“, which won an editor’s choice award. (Click to read online)

„From the Dephths“ is a beautiful literary journal by Haunted Waters Press.




Read „Shore Lines“ online at Haunted Waters Press:

About a  special friend and teacher, a farewell and what remains.

(Creative nonfiction)

Read „The Desk of Dreams“ as online content of „From the Depths“ and a biography DSC05392



0-4091216My collection of Christmas stories:

Kathy’s big brother Robert surprises her with an early Christmas gift she will never forget. A family uses the magic of memories to make it snow. Liam secretly distributes mail that has an amazing effect, Freddie discovers amazing treasure in his Christmas tree and a postman is puzzled by an extraordinary sight when he passes Julius’ house in the morning.

These poignant and touching stories capture the essence of our endeavors to rouse the spirit of Christmas. They carry simple but often forgotten messages, appropriate for uncertain times in which we need to rediscover the less tangible things in life that bring us joy and satisfaction. The characters experience ways to ward off despair and discover what makes their lives worthwhile. Their encouraging stories illustrate ways of coping with the human condition and offer a memorable reading experience.
(ePub, Nook Book)
If you have a Kindle,  you will find a slightly different collection of Christmas stories here:51JReE6hwLL._SL500_AA278_PIkin4,BottomRight,-34,22_AA300_SH20_OU03_

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